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Friday, June 4, 2010

UAE Filipina Getting Abused with Video!

Kanina nakita ko sa forum na tinambayan ko www.symbianize.com tong thread na nakalagay plzz watch this video (she needs justice) after opening the thread and as I read it, the TS (Thread Starter) say that "this woman needs justice please watch this video". And so I downloaded it then watched it... I was shock on what I saw I said to myself who would do this kind of things.. are they crazy or something!? ..

Pagkatapos kong panoorin ung video nakita ko sa comments na Filipina pala ung victim. Sya ay ginahasa at inabuse ng todo. And they said that she is from UAE (United Arab Emirates).

Then when I tried searching it o n the net. I saw this articles :
Post from Abs-cbn website
What the UAE embassy says is that its a hoax/fake, but the one who capture the video a female nurse in Sheikh Khalifa Medical City is not found its like she doesn't exist.

But a Filipino staff in our embassy in UAE give a statement that its true (a under the table statement). What he says the reason that they called it a hoax is because they don't want to put a conflict between UAE and Philippines. Sa tagalog AYAW NILANG MASIRA ang relation ng Philippines sa UAE kaya pag tatakpan nalang nila. Isa lang masasabi ko TANGINA nila! Kung kaala nyo nag eexagerate lang ako pa noorin nyo nalang. At nangyari eto nung FEBRUARY lang this 2010!

Here is a link to the video just download it, its just small about 1.9mb.

At hindi lang un ang nakakainis kung binasa nyo ung post dun sa abs-cbn ang ginawa ng facebook ay tinangal nila lahat ng video! Sinubukan ko iupload sa facebook pero ang ginawa nila is dinelete nila kagad! Ngayon ko inupload June 4 2010!

~Is this what they call JUSTICE!

Monday, March 1, 2010

friends now, tomorrow there gone...

Ohhhhhh.. High School who doesn't miss there HS year where everybody is there, the inner circles, the terror teachers, the smelly classmate and off course the Best Friends we all have best friends in our life, some stays some just disappear faster than a blink of an eye. We see them, we know how to contact them, we tried to contact them but they didn't reply not even a single hi or hello....

Watch this video from youtube. To understand what I mean. I promise you, YOU WILL LIKE THIS VIDEO TOO, I can really relate on this one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOncsnYp7Ic

If you watched the video thats what I mean. Is it really like that? What makes us not Best friend anymore? I haven't done anything wrong, is it the time of unattended communication? (so gay! lol) He and I met again one time and he has some friends with him, I got excited when I met him, I felt thrilled and I want to tell him so many things but what happens is he just say "Hi" and then he introduce me to his friend as a "Former Classmate in High School" . It hurts me yeh it really hurts why cant he just say "My High School Friend" but what he said, is like a dark void statement.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Maid Batter : annabelle catahan / catalan

In a show called "Bitag" an episode about a Maid Batter (February 27, 2010) who beats her maid to the extreme she irons the maid's back, break her right arm, and even puncturing the maid's head. What the "Bitag" does is they track down the accused batter and they found out that she was living in Teachers Village Quezon City and her name is Annabelle Catahan /Catalan sorry for this confusing name I just wrote it down in a piece of paper and I have crumpled it but I'm sure its in the two Catahan or Catalan. Now when the Bitag team went to her place Annabelle is gone and the guards said that she just left about 8 -12 hours ago before they arrived, packing out all her stuffs and ornaments and whats so weird about it, its like she has been tip off by someone and the CCTV cameras in her floor building are purposely asked to be put out by her.

Now the chase is still on, Annabelle have been accompanied by a man name Jun Dela Cruz he is the one who was seen with her.

As of now
Annabelle Catahan /Catalan is still wanted and she has a bounty on her head worth P20,000.00 pesos. Now to whomever has a information about her Contact this number 932 8919 its Bitag's hotline number.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Classified.exe Remover

Hi guys, I just saw this virus in my school Classified.exe so I research about it and how to remove it from your system, here it is.

1. First thing first DO NOT I REPEAT DO not try to remove it with your anti-virus programs! Because it may remove some unaffected files of your system but you will do it later after you remove the main root of the virus

2.) Download this file
you can check it its virus free I upload it myself in my mediafire account and I wont put any virus in it because my blog will have a bad reputation if I did that.

3.) Uncompress the class-x.rar the password in the file would be subatomica type it dont just copy and paste.
4.) Run the class-x.bat
5.) Run a full Virus Scan on your pc for the leftovers of the virus.

Hope it works fine in you..

to the one who have doubts about the file, here is the source code of the batch file


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

After College what will happen

"What will happen to me after college?" most of students who are in College doesn't even thought of this yet or maybe they did but they didn't think of it clearly because there to much having fun in their life as a Student. I think people and students today must cogitate this thought before they graduate to lessen the risk of experiencing "Culture Shock".

Culture Shock is a state of being where in he/she cant think properly due to sudden change of his environment.

This shock mostly happen to newly graduates and soon to graduate. I'm still a student and I think I kinda have this fear for my future, I ask myself "Where will I go after I graduate?, Will I ever find a job? Common questions that brings chills to me. Because the truth that I have realize is that after being a student and graduating, we wont be having parents to still give us money for our self for our leisure's in life and for our food. They mig
ht help us for some time but not forever.

How about you? Have you ever thought of this things? How will I survive in the real world.

I am a somehow clever/brainy/nerd in my career but I'm still having this doubts about myself, the things that will happen to me. Is it because I have few friends that's why I feel this way?

I wonder how about those students who just went to school for fun and doesn't even take their studies seriously did they ever think of this? Well I think not yet, because I have this type of friend, when I ask him "what you think will happen to us after we graduate" he answered "I don't know" and he didn't even took the question seriously. I think this kind of people take their life easy and just enjoy their student life don't care about the future but only the present. Some say this is good way of thinking not thinking of the future to much, I agree on it but all "to much" is bad.

Hmmm.. what you think? Did you already think of your future? did you have this fear after it?