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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

After College what will happen

"What will happen to me after college?" most of students who are in College doesn't even thought of this yet or maybe they did but they didn't think of it clearly because there to much having fun in their life as a Student. I think people and students today must cogitate this thought before they graduate to lessen the risk of experiencing "Culture Shock".

Culture Shock is a state of being where in he/she cant think properly due to sudden change of his environment.

This shock mostly happen to newly graduates and soon to graduate. I'm still a student and I think I kinda have this fear for my future, I ask myself "Where will I go after I graduate?, Will I ever find a job? Common questions that brings chills to me. Because the truth that I have realize is that after being a student and graduating, we wont be having parents to still give us money for our self for our leisure's in life and for our food. They mig
ht help us for some time but not forever.

How about you? Have you ever thought of this things? How will I survive in the real world.

I am a somehow clever/brainy/nerd in my career but I'm still having this doubts about myself, the things that will happen to me. Is it because I have few friends that's why I feel this way?

I wonder how about those students who just went to school for fun and doesn't even take their studies seriously did they ever think of this? Well I think not yet, because I have this type of friend, when I ask him "what you think will happen to us after we graduate" he answered "I don't know" and he didn't even took the question seriously. I think this kind of people take their life easy and just enjoy their student life don't care about the future but only the present. Some say this is good way of thinking not thinking of the future to much, I agree on it but all "to much" is bad.

Hmmm.. what you think? Did you already think of your future? did you have this fear after it?

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