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Friday, February 26, 2010

Classified.exe Remover

Hi guys, I just saw this virus in my school Classified.exe so I research about it and how to remove it from your system, here it is.

1. First thing first DO NOT I REPEAT DO not try to remove it with your anti-virus programs! Because it may remove some unaffected files of your system but you will do it later after you remove the main root of the virus

2.) Download this file
you can check it its virus free I upload it myself in my mediafire account and I wont put any virus in it because my blog will have a bad reputation if I did that.

3.) Uncompress the class-x.rar the password in the file would be subatomica type it dont just copy and paste.
4.) Run the class-x.bat
5.) Run a full Virus Scan on your pc for the leftovers of the virus.

Hope it works fine in you..

to the one who have doubts about the file, here is the source code of the batch file


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