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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Maid Batter : annabelle catahan / catalan

In a show called "Bitag" an episode about a Maid Batter (February 27, 2010) who beats her maid to the extreme she irons the maid's back, break her right arm, and even puncturing the maid's head. What the "Bitag" does is they track down the accused batter and they found out that she was living in Teachers Village Quezon City and her name is Annabelle Catahan /Catalan sorry for this confusing name I just wrote it down in a piece of paper and I have crumpled it but I'm sure its in the two Catahan or Catalan. Now when the Bitag team went to her place Annabelle is gone and the guards said that she just left about 8 -12 hours ago before they arrived, packing out all her stuffs and ornaments and whats so weird about it, its like she has been tip off by someone and the CCTV cameras in her floor building are purposely asked to be put out by her.

Now the chase is still on, Annabelle have been accompanied by a man name Jun Dela Cruz he is the one who was seen with her.

As of now
Annabelle Catahan /Catalan is still wanted and she has a bounty on her head worth P20,000.00 pesos. Now to whomever has a information about her Contact this number 932 8919 its Bitag's hotline number.

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