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Friday, June 4, 2010

UAE Filipina Getting Abused with Video!

Kanina nakita ko sa forum na tinambayan ko www.symbianize.com tong thread na nakalagay plzz watch this video (she needs justice) after opening the thread and as I read it, the TS (Thread Starter) say that "this woman needs justice please watch this video". And so I downloaded it then watched it... I was shock on what I saw I said to myself who would do this kind of things.. are they crazy or something!? ..

Pagkatapos kong panoorin ung video nakita ko sa comments na Filipina pala ung victim. Sya ay ginahasa at inabuse ng todo. And they said that she is from UAE (United Arab Emirates).

Then when I tried searching it o n the net. I saw this articles :
Post from Abs-cbn website
What the UAE embassy says is that its a hoax/fake, but the one who capture the video a female nurse in Sheikh Khalifa Medical City is not found its like she doesn't exist.

But a Filipino staff in our embassy in UAE give a statement that its true (a under the table statement). What he says the reason that they called it a hoax is because they don't want to put a conflict between UAE and Philippines. Sa tagalog AYAW NILANG MASIRA ang relation ng Philippines sa UAE kaya pag tatakpan nalang nila. Isa lang masasabi ko TANGINA nila! Kung kaala nyo nag eexagerate lang ako pa noorin nyo nalang. At nangyari eto nung FEBRUARY lang this 2010!

Here is a link to the video just download it, its just small about 1.9mb.

At hindi lang un ang nakakainis kung binasa nyo ung post dun sa abs-cbn ang ginawa ng facebook ay tinangal nila lahat ng video! Sinubukan ko iupload sa facebook pero ang ginawa nila is dinelete nila kagad! Ngayon ko inupload June 4 2010!

~Is this what they call JUSTICE!

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